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Friday, April 8, 2011

New Website Is Up!!

Ok so I had a super cool post for the blog today. But because my website design of MONTH'S decided to dissapear on me yesterday hence making me stay up until 4am redesigning EVERRYTHING to be able to launch today, that post is going to have to wait. Oh, and so does Random Object Friday. Sorry guys, I know how much you loooooove reading about my necklaces and parasites and stuff. I just didn't have the time! And right about now my right eye looks like it's been heavily involed in some serious illegal activity and needs some visine. Fast! And a nap, minus the munchies. 

But it's ok ya'll because I'm happy I finally gott'er done! Check out my new website at and let me know whacha think! :)

Happy Friday!


PS: As you can see, the bloggity also got a lil' love too. Hope you guys like the new look! :)

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