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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ingrid & Juan: Peter's Canyon Orange County Engagement

High School. Oh the joy of passing period and high fructose corn syrup snacks during lunch. And Prom. Oh to be that freshman girl at the dance with the hot senior. But not just any senior. The senior you've been head over heels in love with since the first time you laid your little freshman eyes on him in the halls.

But a dance was all Ingrid got from Juan because with High School came the freshman/senior age gaps. You know the ones. The ones that make the seniors seem so much older and cooler and sophisticated than the freshman. The age gaps that a few years after graduation disappear to reveal to that hot senior, his beautiful and still head over heels in love with him future wife.  

Ingrid and Juan, we can't wait to be present to capture your first official dance as husband and wife this November! Thank you oh so very much for choosing us to be a little part of your love story. We can't wait!


 Oh Ingrid you go on wich-o pretty self girl!

Loooved these tall yellow flowers! Mario went on to correct me saying they were weeds. Whatever.

She's laughing either at my Daddy Yankee rap skills or because for the 27th time I kept wanting to change Juan's name to Juan Carlos. Where I got the Carlos from, I don't know but I figured I better forget it real quick. He's in law enforcement so I'm kinda scared of Officer Juan Carlos, lol just kidding Juan, just kidding!

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