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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blake & Jordan: Hidden Oaks, Alta Loma Wedding

It was worth taking a chance.

Blake and Jordan met in college. They became friends while working together in the Government Affairs program at Cal Baptist University. She was his boss. But as the weeks passed Jordan began to see her as a little more than that.

Afraid of ruining their friendship he was hesitant to make his first move at first. But when he finally did he discovered it was worth it. It was worth taking that chance. Last Saturday Mario and I had the distinct pleasure of documenting the first day of the rest of their lives as husband and wife and the day couldn't have been more perfect and full of love. Way to kick off my wedding season you guys!

Blake and Jordan we hope you are having an amazing time in Boston touring the historical places you both love. We wish you love, joy and a million blessings as you start your new lives together in New Orleans!


This dress? Loooove!

I loooove, love, love when a couple opts to see each other before the ceremony.

Moments so raw and beautiful I would never be able to stage

The image on the right? He totally looked at her that way the entire day. Made me a lil teary eyed more than once I gotta say.
Because Blake and Jordan opted for a first look we had the time to roam the grounds in a relaxed setting and I think their photos totally reflected that. Plus when the timeline got a little tight after family portraits took a bit longer, we had no worries because their images had already been captured and everyone could head straight to the party.
Blake, simply beautiful!

Loved this one of their first dance

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