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Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Object Friday: Shooting in Bright Sun

Daaaang! Your backyard is a work in progress hu? One of the girls from church said that to me as she looked through my glass door. And work in progress? Well, that's just putting it nicely.

The truth is we haven't had much time (or extra dollars), to put into our backyard lately. So right about now it's in dire need of some tender loving care. And a good rake. The agreement when we bought the house was that I take care of the inside and Mario of the outside. I for one have kept up with my (much cheaper and much easier) end of the bargain and Mario...well let's just say it's a work in progress. Hence all photographs shared on these random object posts have been taken inside the house. Until now. In his defense though, Mario did join the Board of Directors of our home owners association to avoid getting the monthly fines. Gota love democracy!

So for this week's random object post I decided to take you guys outside to step into the work in progress that is our backyard! You will probably notice that these photos look slightly different than the regular photos I post on this blog and that is because all of these images were shot out in the open in the harsh sun. I normally preffer to place my subjects in nicer open shade with reflected light spots or in window light but in some instances, especially at outdoor wedding ceremonies or outdoor receptions you don't have the luxury of choosing so you have to work with what you've got. (For formal shots I do move my subjects to the nicer light).

In harsh light I will shoot with a smaller aperture between f4-7 for less light and at the lowest iso setting my camera has. Harsh sun is not my favorite but when it's the only option you have, you have to try and make it work. 

PS: No blog hating on my backyard haha!

Happy Friday!


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