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Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Object Friday: Inspired By The Sugar Less

My mother in law is the best. She bakes me cakes, feeds me everytime I come over and sends me home with huge bags of lemons and other etible goods. She speaks very little English which makes for very interesting conversation between her and Mario's very...uhmm "unique" version of Spanish. I just sit back and laugh. Oh, and correct my husband when he butchers his Spanish words as his mother playfully scolds me to.   

One time when we were driving she saw one of those bright neon paper signs on a street pole that read "Sugar Free in Hemet on XXX date". From the back seat she excitedly jumped up and alerted everyone, you know, just in case we missed the sign, that they would be giving away free sugar in Hemet on XXX date! After we were done laughing out loud came the explaining to my mother in law that Sugar Free was actually a rapper who would be performing in concert in Hemet on whatever date the sign said. And then came the part of explaining that yes someone actually calls themselves that and no we didn't know why. She couldn't quite understand why someone would be named that and I think she was sorta bummed. She was really looking forward to some free sugar haha! 

When I saw the sugar free VIP Energy Drink cans on top of my counter this morning that's the story I immediatley thought about. So I thought I'd share! And PS If you're not hooked on these VIP drinks yet you should be. Yummy taste and a sugar free option for those of us who need to watch the handles? It's soooo what all the cool girls are drinking these days!

Happy Friday!

 This one reminds me of a pose I like to do with my couples haha!

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