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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cooking and Beans!

One of my favorite things about working from home, besides staying in my pj's and wearing my hair in a nappy bun all day, is actually having time to cook. I was never the chef type before I got married. In fact, I was certain I would be one of those burn the kitchen down type of wives. But as soon as hunger stroke after marriage I realized I HAD to learn. That or we could eat out all the time which wasn't much of an option since I had suddenly become all money concious and stuff. And then I realixed it was true. Marriage DOES change you!

Soon after that I found myself in a deep love affair with tomatoes, garlic and boneless chicken breast. Turns out all of the afternoons sitting on top of my mother's kitchen countertop exchanging minor gossip and discussing the latest clothing trends over pots of boiling soup really helped me become a better cook! I've become quite the expert at replicating her recipes and inventing some of my own too.

On today's menu will be baked fish, rice, beans with pico de gallo salsa. My favorite part of the meal? The beans!

Don't hate! 


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