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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Natalia & Miguel: Vintage Wedding

Everytime we stage one of these, I swear it's the best one yet. And this past weekends vintage wedding shoot was no different. It's the best one yet! Like really!

In addition to working alongside the ever amazing Ally and Sweet Bea Cakes, I am also super excited to showcase the work of a brand spanking new partner in this whole wedding photoshoot crazed world we're creating.

Her name is Kelly, and she makes things. Beautiful things! Things that will make your wedding guests (and wedding photographer) say wow!  Kelly is an artist, designer, and stylist who specializes in hand-made decor, event branding, and apparel accessories for weddings and special events. She's responsible for creating the beautiful vision of vintage and doily inspired eye candy for this shoot.  If you are a bride interested in something awesome, unique and different that really speaks to your personalities as a couple on your big day, you really, REALLY need to check this girl's website out. You can also click here to check out some of her work as photographed by international wedding photographer Jasmine Star

Many thanks also to our gorgeous couple Natalia & Miguel. Thank you guys so much for helping us out in a pinch! And a big huge thank you as well to Ally with hair and makeup glitz and glam for bringing the vintage beauty do's on the hair and makeup and to Sweet Bea Cakes for providing the beautiful four tier doily inspired cake. I loved it! 

And here it is, our vision of a vintage inspired wedding!


Not surprisingly, Ally nailed it once again with hair and makeup. I looooved the slick finger wave!

The details on this cake? And the bricks Kelly brought? Ahh, I la-la-loved it!

Bea, you made me fall in love even more with cake!

Gorgeous doily inspired bouquet by Kelly.

And this is why I pay Mario the big bucks! His photo below.

Another one from Mario below. One of my favorites and for that he'll get a hearty good makeout session!

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