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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katrina & Mark: UCR Botanical Gardens Engagement

She pointed a finger at him without a glimpse of hesitation. And so did he, at himself. When it came to who liked who first there was no question about it, Mark liked Katrina first.

But then in Mexico something changed. Between the long drives they shared as missionaries at Casa Del Pastor in San Vicente and a little bit of Mark's witt and charm, Something changed. With lapses of sometimes 4 hours at a time on the road with her, Mark got to work! And it paid off!

Both still serving as missionaries in Mexico, Katrina and Mark are planning a beautiful wedding in between serving and their time here in the US. And I can't wait to photograph it this September!

Thank you guys so much for a wonderful afternoon and an even bigger thank you for the yummy cupcakes! Somebody's been reading the blog haha! We can't wait to see you guys all decked out on your wedding day and to hang out with you guys as you give me and Mario a little taste of the Missionary life this Spring!


I loooove going through Mario's cards and finding beauties like this! His photo below.

Ourversion of the cheesy pose haha!

Katrina you are gorge girl! Who said you couldn't pose?
Definitely a favorite!

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