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Thursday, March 3, 2011

And She's Done!

Just a few more weeks and she's all done. And today she received an email that read:

Dear Fernanda,

Congratulations! According to our records, you have completed the necessary steps for final graduation processing.

And she Facebooked about it. Because announcing super exciting things over the world wide web is how we do. In a few weeks, my little sister at just 20 years old will have completed her bachelor's in English from Cal Baptist University and we couldn't be any prouder! I love you sister and I'm so proud of you! And thanks to you we will be partying it up real soon!

We went down to her campus on Sunday to take a few pictures to remember this moment. I'm not a senior portrait shooter so it kinda turned into a fashion shoot but it's ok cause secretly that's what we both were aiming for. Here are a few of my favorites:

 This next series is probably my favorite from the shoot

Wardrobe change! These next two I took randomly as we walked to the next photo spot. Not the best composition and I don't like the cars in the back but I looove the sun backlighting!

And just because I looove detail shots here are two more. Told you it turned into a fashion shoot!
Happy Thursday!


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