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Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Object Friday: Thank You Mario!

This week I suffered from a little radom object crisis. Quietly. In my head. You see, the control freak in me likes to, no MUST, plan ahead and usually by Tuesday or Wednesday has an object selected which to shoot and mentally starts to lay out Friday's post. 

Well I ran out of objects. No really. You know like when you look in your closet for something cute to wear and amongst the piles of shirts and dresses and pants NOTHING is cute enough for the occasion? Well it was sorta like that. I was having a random object wardrobe crisis. And really I was tempted to start taking pictures of my spatulas and teflon skillets. But they still had breakfast gunk on them and I didn't feel like washing them so then I was like I better not.

And then I spotted them! A brand spanking new bag of paint brushes sitting on the kitchen table! Go Mario and your new found love for painting! PS, I hope you weren't thinking of returning them cause I've already opened the bag. Sorry.

So here they are, along with another random object you might recognize from weeks past: Mario's paint brushes! And PS, if you happen to start seeing spatulas and other useful kitchen wear in future random object posts, now you know why. I promise I'll wash them though!

Happy Friday!


All shot with window light, 50mm lens, between f1.4-2, iso 200 adjusting for shutter speed as needed. Post processed with TRA and KIKI Lightroom Presets.

 I know I always say this but I loooove, love, love shooting wide open! I love the blur or boke effect in photos.

Just as a little bonus, here are a two from Mario's paint studio aka the little short table next to the dining area.  You might recognize these from this post.

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