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Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Object Friday: Glasses for Blondes

Glasses. Yet another reason to make me feel old. This year I've been out of high school for ten years. TEN YEARS! And the other day a teenager told me I was from the KC & JoJo days. I paused to try and understand what he meant when another kid yelled, who's KC &  JoJo? Pause. Oh My Gosh I AM from the KC & JoJo Days!

So when it came time to make my selection of glasses at the Optometrist office I thought, what would the young, non KC & JoJo loving girls of today wear? I looked for the posters with the hottest coolest girls on them. Blonde chicks with the finger in mouth action bringing the sexy to the whole wearing glasses experience. I want those I said. And I got them. 

Well they finally came in, my glasses. But the whole finger in mouth thing? Yea, I think that only works if you're blonde. I tried it an failed. So in honor of my youth, or lack thereof, this weeks Random Object post will feature my sexy glasses. That only look sexy if you're hot and blonde. 

All images were shot with window light with a 50mm 1.4, between f1.4- f2, iso 200 adjusting for shutter speed as needed. Post processed with a combination of KIKI Lightroom presets and Totally Rad Actions.

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