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Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Object Friday: My 550

It's the one thing that kept me up at night. Alot. When I was starting out with wedding photography I had so much to think about. So much to learn. But most importantly, I needed a camera. 

I think I must have read every blog and every review that has ever been written about every camera. Ever! But given the fact that I didn't know the first thing about apertures and shutter speeds and what the heck an iso was, I was thoroughly confused. And did I mention broke? So I took my broke and confused behind over to the nearest Ritz Camera Store for some guidance. And an English translation of all of these foreign terms I was reading about.  

From what I had gathered in my online research I had one of two choices for a camera body: Canon or Nikon. Both by far being the leading industry standards for photography. I was certain I was going with one or the other I just needed some guidance to choose which one. Lucky for me I met Shadi Sayes at the Riverside Ritz Camera who has been a photographer for years. He's totally my Facebook homie now! If you have any camera questions feel free to hit him up at Ritz in Riverside, he's great! Anyway after showing me a few Canon and Nikon models within my budget, he busted out with a little black beauty and asked me if I had ever seen one. And then I was all, nooo. And then he was all well you should check it out. And then I was all, ok. It was a Sony Alpha 550.

I was leery of going with a camera that wasn't regarded as a standard in the wedding photography industry at first. If I was to compete with the best I wanted what they were using. But after playing with the camera for a while longer and asking Shadi a thousand more questions I decided to take the risk. I went with Sony and haven't looked back. Some weddings and engagements later I can say that my camera has been very good to me and my clients. I love what I've been able to produce and with practice I only hope to improve.

Certainly Canon and Nikon are the industry leaders and will continue to be, they've earned it with their excellence in products. I have a little bit of a hunch though that Sony will one day be at par. Their products are exellent as well, I feel that photographers just have to try give them a chace. Or maybe I'm just partial because I shoot with one. Whatever the case is I think it's kinda funny when some people will look at my pictures and then ask me wether I shoot with a Canon or Nikon. I'll say Sony and the puzzled look always follows.

Some pros about Sony SLR Cameras: They have a built in Stabilizer in the camera body instead of the lenses so the lenses will run cheaper than with other brands.

Some cons about Sony SLR Cameras: Sony's are not as lightweight as Canons so on a wedding day they can get a bit heavy especially with a 75-200mm lens mounted on it. The upside is you'lle get to build some muscles haha! Also, they don't have HD video capabilities. 

Ok so this post has gotten way long so I'm sorry. More than taking creative shots this week I just wanted to share a little bit of my story and stemming from some recent emails I've received asking what camera I shoot with, I decided to post about it for this week's Random Object. I hope this post was at least a bit helpful, but if its not and you hate it and you want me to go back and only post about random colorful centerpiece thingies around my house I totally understand. Just say so in the comment box and i got you!

Happy Friday!

All shots shot with natutal light with a 50mm lens. F1.7- 2.2 iso's between 200-400. Post porcessed with a combination of Kiki lightroom Presets and Totally Rad Actions.   

You will always frind my camera set to m mode. I shoot 100% manual mode. It's the control freak in me.
 I know. My screen protector is totally scratched. My little camera has been through dust and weeds and a whole lot more!

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