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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nine Years a Valentine

He didn't believe in reservations. As we drove towards LA on Saturday I reminded him. I turned to Mario and asked him if he remembered our first Valentines Day together. The sounds of the 60 Freeway playing softly in the background.

We laughed about his elaborate and extra romantic plans to take me on a fancy dinner for two inside one of the Queen Mary's fanciest restaurants. We would eat and dance and sip our drinks out of a fancy glass. Then we would hold hands and walk around the ship overlooking the beautiful sunset on the ocean.

But he didn't believe in reservations. And very adamantly, the restaurant hostess did.

We had dinner for two at a nearby Green Burrito. The kind that shares a building so it's half Green Burrito and half KFC. We sipped our drinks out of carboard cups and sat in a booth next to a homeless man who slightly frightened me. Later we held hands. But only for a short time before we got lost and spent the rest of the night trying to find the freeway entrance to get back home.

And nine years later, I wouldn't want to be lost holding the hand of anybody else.

I love you my love! Happy Valentines Day!


Us at the Griffith Observatory in LA on Saturday


  1. Green Burrito, huh? still....ANY place can be romantic if you're with the "right one." I bet to this day you can't pass a green burrito and NOT smile. Too cute.

  2. Yea, out of all of our valentines together I have to say that is the most memorable one lol!

  3. Ohhh man I hadnt seen this!!! Now Im crying! This is cute!!! It's like it really doesnt matter what your doing or where your going with your special someone,just as long as your with them is what matters most, right? =) U guys make me smile!


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