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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live: In Black & White

I've said it on here before. They're like my brothers from another mother. And I'm like the total dream sister. Ok maybe I exaggerated on that last part but whatever!

ANYWAYS- A few weeks ago I had the privelidge of taking some promo photos for my boys from Enkairos and their upcoming live album which they recently recorded. It was an awesome experience to have been a part of the live recording even though lucky me got to sit in the section that was not allowed to move or stand or dance or shake what my momma gave me. We were only allowed to cheer and clap. And that we did. Very loudly. I'm not so secretly hoping I made it into the video!

So be on the look out for Enkairos Live coming soon. This album is going to be off the chain! Wait, do people still say off the chain? I don't know. Well, it's going to be cool ok? Buy it! Haha!

Here are some pics from the night!

Sorry Nene, I was unwillingly confined to my seat by the production crew and this was about the only pic I was able to get of you waaay back there  

Getting their autograph on... 
That head you see on the bottom left? Yea that's Mario's. He's a total groupie.
 The cutest fan in the room

Rene and Eddie enjoy holding hands and skipping, But mostly holding hands. 

I confess. I'm a total groupie too! 


  1. I love brenda's face on the picture where nene and eddie are holding hands! LOL!!!

  2. Haha I know! She's probably gonna tell me something lol!


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