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Monday, February 28, 2011

He Poses for the Web

"Why would I ever need one of those things?", he asked me in his native language. His hand thrown in the air in rejection. I won't even know how to check it and I don't want anybody looking at my information. What if they steal it?!? Dad, it's the 21st Century!

My Dad is simple. So when I insisted he needed to learn the modern ways of today and become aquainted with the internet and oh, say, open up an email address he was hesitant. Technology scares him. My mom and dad believe that if they push one wrong button they can break a computer. But my mad persuasive skills and innate convinving powers got him to budge.  Not only did I open an email address for him but I got him to open up a Facebook too! I know, my convincing powers amaze me to.

Using his right index finger to type, my dad is slowly crossing over to the modern side! And now since he's gotten in touch with old friends from grade school he loves the web! And when I take my camera out he'll say in Spanish, take one so you can put it on the internet. Which translated means his Facebook account. 

Here's the one from yesterday Dad!

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