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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brittany & Matt: The Do Over Wedding Shoot

They weren't allowed to date. When Brittany and Matt fell in love they belonged to a worship band that prohibited dating within the members. "We went on our first date the day after we played our last show!" Brittany laughed. 

"We've been happily married for three years and still remain best friends. Something you don't see very often these days." Brittany sent me those words in an email when she submitted her entry for the Do Over Giveaway back in December. And it was in the way he would pick up her shoes as we walked through the grassy field and in the way he rubbed her arms when it got too cold that I was able to see it. The little snippets of their love. 

Brittany thank you soooo much for not ignoring my flyer at Starbucks and for taking the time to submit an entry. We had so much fun with you guys and we are all so glad we got to meet the both you! I hope you guys like your Done Over wedding photos!


-Hair and Makeup by none other than the best, Miss Ally with Hair and Makeup Glitz and Glam. SoCal brides, you need to know this girl seriously rocks! If you are looking for a hair and makeup artist for your big day check out her fabulousness!

-Cake courtesy of Sweet Bea Cakes. Only the best cakes in the West! Frr'real! Bea is not merely a wedding cake maker, she is an artist. Her attention to the fine detail in her cakes is amazing and her rendition of the sample cake I gave her in a picture was even better than the original. Better than I had imagined! She rocks my dessert world!

-Florals by me thats why they are not very impressive haha. We're actually looking for a REAl florist to collaborate with on future shoots. If you're interested we would love to work with you. Shoot me an email at :)

Thank you ladies for giving me nothing but fabulousness to shoot!

Looooved Brittany's orange walls!

Ally rocking her magical brushes in her favorite cowboy boots.

Brittany and Matt are both Musicians. The pick is actually a wedding favor from their wedding day.

Beautiful cake by Sweet Bea Cakes.
...looove the button details!

Really? I can't even handle this much fierce in one shot!

Mario and his 75-200mm make majic every time. I love it!

To see more of Brittany & Matt's photos click here for a slideshow!

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  1. Wow! Brit is beyond beautiful! great pics!


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