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Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Object Friday: Flamable Decor

I'm the kind of girl who buys certain things for her home that are not intended to be used. Ever. Like the pretty striped pillows on top of my bed and the nice towels hanging in our bathroom. And of course the dining table which everyone knows is only there to serve the purpose of eye candy unless we have special company over or it's Thanksgiving. Yes that kind of girl.

For some odd reason this behavior strikes Mario as puzzling and for a good portion of our first months as a married couple we had to work on establishing the difference between the usable and the never to be touched items in our house. He's got most of it down now but at times the questions and puzzled looks come back and he'll ask a question like "Why can't I use this perfectly good pillow to sleep on again?"

Like the other day when I made fish tacos and he wanted to get rid of the smell in the house, he reached for one of our candles, the good ones from Pier 1, and tried to, get this, light it! Oh the madness! Mario we've been over this, this candle is strictly for de-COR! Why would you try to burn DECOR!?! Umm maybe because it's flammable and it's meant to be burned? Oh yea. Forgot about that part.

In the end marriage is about give and take. More giving than taking is better if you ask me so I chose to be the better wife, and give. My candle to be burned for the sake of Mario's scent glands. Internet I'm really not that bad I promise!  

Here are a few shots of my burned candle. I decided to do something a little different this week which I will probably do more of in the upcoming weeks. Instead of only taking pictures of an object at different angles I will also be sharing some of my post processing techniques with Totally Rad Actions which I LOVE and some before straight out of the camera pictures and after editing pictures. 

All of these shots were shot between an f 1.4-2 and with iso 400 compensating for shutterspeed depending on where I was in relation to the light.

Before editing:
After: From the TRA Actions set I used TDW at 14% and Boutwell Magic Glasses @ 42%

Before Editing:
 After: From the TRA Actions set I used TDW at 16 and Boutwell Magic Glasses @ 35%
 Before Editing:
After: From the TRA Actions set I used TDW at 24% and Boutwell Magic Glasses @ 35% 
 Before Editing:
 After: From the TRA Actions set I used TDW at 18% and Boutwell Magic Glasses @ 35%
After: From the TRA Actions set I used TDW at 25% and Boutwell Magic Glasses @ 35%
Happy Friday!


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  1. I can't really tell the difference between the before and after, but they look great anyways! haha the before and after shot, lol


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