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Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Object Friday: Blue Table Centerpiece Thingy

A few years ago when I still worked for a Public Relations firm I worked on a water board political campaign and held one of the community meetings at my then, newly purchased empty no couches no tables just walls and a floor home.  When the board member for which the campaign was for walked into my house he was all "What heppened here, did you guys get robbed?!"

Luckily he was super cool and didn't mind that we brought in foldable metal chairs and tables all visibly tagged up with words like Mario is cool and this chair belongs to M to the A to the I-R-O, Mario. Yes, he's quite possesive over his things, my husband.

A few things have changed since then and little by little we've filled the empty spots. Not all of them yet but we're working on it. Mainly because I'm a bit "particular" about the decor I like to use in my house. Mario likes to call it "picky", but I like "particular" better. Like my dining table for example. It had been sitting untopped and without a centerpiece for ever because of course nothing was ever perfect. And then this Christmas my mom turns around and buys me this blue table centerpiece thingy bringing the perfect pop of blue into the room. Pop of blue which perfectly segues us into this weeks installment of random object Friday. Thanks Mom!

Here I photographed the centerpiece on top of my dining table with window light coming in from the right and from behind me. Focal point on the front blue vase.  50mm 1.4, f1.7, shutterspeed 1/40, iso 400.

Some vertical shots from the same angle. Both shots 50mm 1.4, f1.7, shutterspeed 1/40, iso 400.

By now you've probabky noticed that I like to cut my subjects off in pictures. I think it makes for a cool look. 50mm 1.4, f1.4, shutterspeed 1/25, iso 400.

For the following two shots I stepped behind a chair and shot my subject from there to create a cool frame around the centerpiece angling the camera to to get the look I wanted to create in each shot. Since I was shooting from a bit farther distance I closed up my aperture or f-stop just a little to a f2.8 to get more of the centerpiece in focus instead of blurry. Since I closed up my f-stop, I also raised up my iso to compensate the light and still get a fast shutter speed.  Both shots 50mm 1.4, f2.8, 1/30 shutter speed, 800 iso.

For these last two shots I placed my focal point on an item in the foreground instead of on the centerpiece itself to show how you can create a cool pop of color in the background of your photos. Sometimes when I'm shooting and I feel like the photo could use an extra pop of color to accent the subject I'll do this. I place a bright colorful item in the background like a large candle or light or anything else with color and then place my subject in front of it. I open my aperture to it's widest setting, in this case an f1.4,  and place the focal point on the subject in the foreground and because the aperure is set so wide, the colored item you placed in the background will turn into a nice butetry mush of color giving a nice pop to your pictures. This is by no means a unique or super cool high tech technique. Just an easy way to incorporate some color to a dull space. Left 50mm 1.4, f1.4, shutterspeed 1/100, iso 800. Right 50mm 1.4, f1.4, shutterspeed 1/60, iso 800.

The photo below on the left is a recent example of when I did this using this same centerpiece for the pop of color. :)
As always, feel free to share some cool ways for how you like to shoot details in the comment box. If you have some cool techniques holla at me I'd love to learn form you and if you have any questions for me I will do my best to answer!

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Happy Friday!


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