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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mind of Mencia's Joseph Mencia: Promotional Shoot

I am beyond blessed to do what I love. And even more blessed to have the chance to meet and work with people that don't make my job feel like a job. In fact, this week I learned that I don't even have a job at all! I have a "yob"! Yea, I know! Go figure!

Earlier this week I had the distinct pleasure of spending an afternoon in Ontario with Mr. Joseph Mencia on a promotional shoot. You, may have seen him on the big screen in "Our Family Wedding" or on Comedy Central working alongside his brother Carlos Mencia on his show Mind of Mencia.  

This week, I learned from Joseph that McDonald's is really pronounced Madonna's. Which is TOTALLY good to know for the next time I get one of my McNugget cravings! In turn I taught him that sexy is really pronounced sepsy. Well, as far as my grandma is concerned anyway. I even showed him some salsa moves to have him shake what his mamma gave him for the camera. Really, it felt like I was just hanging out with one of my "tios" taking his picture.

Ok here comes the disclosure:

So promotional photography is definitley not my forte, I totally admit it. I don't usually shoot these kinds of photos for that very reason but I will say that I'm quite happy with some of the shots we got.

Ladies and gents, here he is, Mr. Funny Man himself!

Proof he thinks I'm funny! I should totally look for a yob in comedy showbiz!

Here he is bringing the sepsy!

His version of my salsa moves. A litte more hip Joseph! Haha!

And finally, proof I was there. :)

Happy Wednesday!



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