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Monday, January 10, 2011

Gift Cards and Car Shopping

We needed a break. After walking through aisles of sparkly whites and pearly blues, V"sixes and V'eights, our brains were officially fried. Or at least mine was. As it turns out, car shopping involves waaay more math than I'm able to handle. And then we got hungry. So after a peek at our credit reports and finding out that I actully have credit, and very good credit as it turns out, (woot woot!), we fled the happy car salesman's office for lunch. 

Since we had a gift card, we headed to BJ's. And it's worth mentioning that gift cards to restaurants make us happy. They help us think clearer when making important decisions. Like buying a new car or having a baby. (Loved ones take note). Just kidding about the baby part mom, don't get all gift card crazy!

So over a Turkey Cobb Sandwich, Wedge Fries and a Strawberry Lemonade, oh yea and Mario's SOUP, really? who orders SOUP with a gift card?, anyway, we decided that my Lexus was going to have to wait. I'm certain the happy endorphins being released to my brain by the Strawberry Lemonade had everything to do with me agreeing to this obviously absurd and otherwise unfathomable decision.

Nonetheless, we are still in the market for a new car. Perhap's we'll have better luck next weekend. And if we were to have another gift card I'm certain it would help expediate the process!   

I got a little crazy with the BJ's decor so here a few more just for kicks. :)


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