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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enkairos: Promotional

I'm a wedding photographer. So when I'm commissioned to shoot anything other than flowers, love and sparkly things I get nervous. Really nervous. Namely because I'm the first to admit I'm not very good at it. Such nerves were the case this past weekend when I was commissioned to shoot promotional band photos for my brothers from another mother. The guys from Enkairos.

I had the privelidge to share the stage with these insanely talented guys a few years ago and together we played, learned and created some awesome Jesus music to share with the world. Today they are still going strong and are currently working on their second album due out very soon. An incredible fusion of funk, jazz and latin beats that will be sure to keep your rears out'chor seats! Fur'real! Dang, I think that even rhymed!

So after a little brushing up on band photo styles and poses and getting a little more crative in post, I came up with this. Because really, ain't nobody else gonna take my boys pictures! Nerves and all!      

What I got when I asked them to give me their "G" looks or white?
Jammin to ma song "Mi Barco"

One of my favorites
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOOVE shooting with Mario? His angle below. 
 My angle.
Another favorite

Another "G" stance
 Oh but don't be fooled by their gee'd out, serious, we're in a legit band faces. Those were just a few frames I was able to catch. Really, the shoot went a little something more like this:
...Above from left: Nene dancing salsa, Josh fixing one of his 50 dry cleaned outfits that he brought to the shoot, Carlos picking Ruben's nose, Ruben liking it and Eddie for the first time not asking me what he should do with his hands. Although for this shot he should have! haha just kidding Eddie!

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