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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Stalking and the Fabulousness of Kiki

It's no secret that I like to stalk people's blogs. Perhaps it has something to do with the "inquisitive" side of me. Ok, so maybe I'm just nosy. Whatever the case , there's something about getting a glimpse into the lives of complete strangers that fascinates me. It's like they become my friends or something. Like a one sided frienship! I'll read about what they did and then call them by their first names while I tell stories about their lives to Mario over dinner. He'll just shake his head and rolls his eyes. Whatever, he's the one missing out on like making new one sided friends and stuff!

My favorite people in the world to stalk are other wedding photographers! I love to read about their fabulous lives and follow their fabulous shoots and look at their fabulous pictures of their fabulous brides! Most of all, I like to stalk them because they're the ones that I learn most from. In fact, most of what I know as a photographer has come from the very helpful links and posts on other photographer's blogs.

Recently, I stumbled accross an awesome photographer from South Africa named Christine Meintjes and literally, her photos took my breath away. I immediatley decided I would embark on a one sided frienship with her and after spending a few hours reading a bunch of her posts I found out she was recently married, loves her jeans and has a sister that's an awesome fashion designer. Christine and me are totally homies now even if she doesn't know it! 

I fell in love with her black and white images so I decided to email her and to ask her how she achieves them. I really didn't think she would respond but I really hoped she would. And she did! And then she sent me one of the greatest links EVER! KIKI is a site Christine and her husband are working on to bring photographers together. It's still in the works but for now they have some Lightroom Presets up on the site available for any photographer to purchase. The lightroom presets were creatd by Christine and she uses them herself to edit her images. They're awesome! I recently purchased the entire set which I used for the first time on my latest engagement session.  If you're a photographer interested in some great links for your business, be sure to check out Christine Meintjes's For Photographers page and for more information on the KIKI lightroom presets and their fabulousness click here.

Personally, I have found blog stalking to be very helpful for my business. At least that's what I tell Mario as he shakes his head in disapproval over my dinner stories! 



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