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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank you Martha!

The other day, Mario came home with some boxes of Martha Stewart custom closet furniture. And then I was all like Martha Stewart?!?! I'm sooo rubbing off on you! And THEN I was all, wait I'm getting a new custom walk-in closet?!?! Thank you Martha!

Martha and Mario were teaming up to bring me joy. Cause Closet World? They aint' got nothin' on those two! 

Per Mario's orders I had two things to do. One, remove all of my fashionables (I just made up a word I think) from inside my closet and two, throw away any fashionables I didn't need. Which by the way was easier said than done UNTIL I realized that if I threw away a bunch of stuff I would need to replace it with NEW stuff! Great!

So I spent all of yesterday afternoon removing, deciding and throwing away a bunch of clothes and shoes. Old high school love letters, hate letters, friend letters and prison letters (don't ask) made it to the throw away bin as well. Then I found a $10 bill in an old birthday card from 2002. Which was like the highlight of my whole closet cleaning experience.

I left a cleared work space for when Mario got home and I was proud of my hard work. Then somewhere between all of that I decided I wanted to paint the closet before installing the furniture. I relayed my brilliant idea to Mario over the phone and I'm almost positive I heard shaking of the head and rolling of the eyes. I swear!

Nonetheless, painting we did and half of my beautiful Martha Stewart closet was completed last night. The other half I'm sure will be finished somewhere between 9pm and 1am tomorrow morning. Really internet, that's how ma' man rolls!

Got some new Lightroom presets from one of my favorite wedding photographers, Christine Meintjes. I've been doing some experimenting and I can't wait to use these in some of my future wedding images. Still don't have things exactly how I want them but let me know what you guys think!


  1. Sis: What's up with you hooking me up with some hand-me downs?!?! Yes, internet, I use my sister's hand-me downs. Don't hate. We in a recession! LOL

  2. Don't trip I saved the bag just for you sis! lol

  3. Oh fo sho!!! I'll be over there right now. lol jk

  4. Shoot no hating!!! Old to you but new to me, so let me know fernandi if you need to give the leftovers a home ,)


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