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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Refrigerator Dreams

We have dreams of owning a farm. With chickens and cows and goats and pigs. I think it has something do with our fondness for Netflix documentaries. And the trauma that came after watching Food Inc. We'll never look at dinner the same way again!

Whatever the reason, the truth is that Mario and I have dreams that extend out to the year 2046. Don't know if we'll be around that long but if we are, we will have a plan.   

Somewhere in 2025 Mario will be roaming around the 15 acre estate he helped build for us tending the chickens and picking tomatoes. And me? I'll be at another part of the house showing budding brides-to-be our beautiful mission style wedding facility...Casa Gutierrez... or something like that. The name is still being agreed upon.

It will have luscious fountains and deep terra cotta walkways. Towering arched hallways and an ample courtyard. And every bride will fall in love with it and want to be wed there. It will be all the rage!

Mario and I will eat from our hormone and steroid free farm and bear super healthy children and grand children and sell our fruit at Farmers Markets. The ones in Orange County and LA cause' people are fancier there. And life? Life will be good.

To remind us of our dreams, Mario drew them out. He put them on the refrigerator so we wouldn't forget. That, or he just didn't have a place to put the drawing since I strictly forbade clutter in and around the office. What? I work from there now!


If you look closely you'lle see me, Mario and our future kids. We're slightly thinner stick figures. Most likely due to all the healthy eating.

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