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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Love in My Handles

Me and food have a love/hate relationship. As in I love it, and it hates my love handles. And my love handles? Let's just say they ain't feeling the love. 

I'm really not any sort of overweight but when a girl has trouble breathing walking up and down a staircase, there's a problem.

There's little or absolutley nothing I can do about it though cause, well, I HATE working out. Like with a passion. Like if I owned a treadmill I would exile it in a deep dark dungeon never to see the light of day. Again! It's true. And those of you who know me know that I do own a treadmill and that "exiled" is exactly what my treadmill is. In the deep dark dungeon of our spare bedroom. I've set not a toe on that thing since over three years ago when I got married and had my wedding dress hanging beside it as a this is why you must look hot motivator. It's quite sad.

Secretly though, I sometimes wish I could be like those girls who are at the gym at four a.m. in spin class in super cute matching lycra leggings and sports bras carrying miniature deodorants and shampoos in their gym bags and who aren't afraid to shower in front of the other girls. Then- I would be cool! 

Perhaps that's why I made Mario buy me the treadmill. And a punching bag the week I wanted to be a kick-boxer. Or a master, I can't remember. Sadly, lycra and love handles don't mix very well so my four a.m. gym dreams are going to have to wait.

Meanwhile, I will challenge myself to eight a.m. mornings in my dungeon, on my treadmill. RUNNING on it instead of staring at it and taking its picture.

I'll start tomorrow. Or maybe next week.


  1. U r too funny! Your blogs make me laugh! Hehehe
    Thank u!

  2. Hahaha!! Oh Arleth! :p At least the picture looks nice haha


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