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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Epiphanie Bags

On Christmas Eve I got an Epiphanie. It came in a big brown box with bubble wrap and sat next to my bed to be found when I woke up. 

Inside the box was my very own Epiphanie bag. The most fashionable of camera bags. Like EVER! Or at least one from their collection, all of which I plan to own one day. Soon.

My lady photogs out there will agree with me that it's hard to both shoot AND be cute at the same time. Options are limited for cute and comfy shoes, clothes and camera gear. Especially for wedding photographers. And in my world, that presents a conflict.

Sooo, in my persuit of all things vain I found these little gems at Epiphanie by Maile Wilson. These camera bags are designed with the fenale photographer in mind and combine both fashion and functionality but most of all major style! I love them all!

These bags can fit all of your essential gear and are perfect for engagement or anytime shoots of a few hours. They are about the size of the average large purse you would find at a trendy store and are a bit bulky, so you will sacrifice a little bit of comfort for style. On a full fledged wedding day I still wouldn't trade my shootsac, but I do plan to rock my Epiphanie bag everywhere else.  Pictured below is the "Ginger", the first in my collection. The Lola will be next!  

If you're a lady photog out there and find these types of posts helpful, let me know! I you hate them, let me know! And if you have a list of links with trendy photog wear you BETTER holla at cho girl! 

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