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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The "DO OVER" Giveaway

Did you pay big bucks for what you thought would be an awesome wedding photographer and two months after the wedding day got a CD in the mail full of pictures that look like something pulled straight out of 1992? Morbidly cheesy poses, lipo resembling forced smiles and your faces placed inside a huge pink rose? With water drops on it?  Or even worse, your wedding photographer split into oblivion with your pictures leaving no trace? It's happened to many. Thank the good Lord it didn't happen to me cause I think I would have been on a huge man hunt to stragle somebody! No, I know I would've!   

For all of the ladies who've had a similar experience or simply want a chance at a Do Over for the fun of it, heres your chance! The ever amazing Ally with Hair & Makeup Glitz & Glam by Ally and I have teamed up to give one lucky lady and her husband the Christmas gift of a FREE Do Over. Yes I said free. After all, tis' the season right?

The winning couple will receive a stylized photo shoot to include proffessionl hair and makeup by Ally, some of her amazing work is featured here and here, an afternoon on location with yours truly for a wedding themed photoshoot, a CD of 50-75 high resolution retouched images and one 8x10 and two 5x7 prints of favorite images chosen by the couple. To enter the Do Over:

 Bride must:
-Provide own wedding dress/shoes
-Be open to experiment with style
-Be ready to have some fun girl time with me and Ally and pretend to like or at least tolerate me and all of my ghettoness

 Groom must:
-Just come along and stand, sit and smile and pretty much just do what we say for a few hours :)
-Provide own attire as well

Send a picture of you and your hubby along with a picture of your wedding dress and a brief description of why you think you should be chosen to Arleth@arlethg.comPLEASE NO FACEBOOK MESSAGES. Deadline is on or before Thursday December 16, 2010.

The winner will be announced the week of December 20, 2010 and will be chosen based first on most compelling story and second on wedding gown style. Not judging on wether the dress is super fancy or not but we are just trying to keep it slightly modern here. :) Also, Monday through Friday availability will be a big plus.

We look forward to reading all of your crazy wedding photo stories and just cause' posts are better with pictures here's a few I snagged online. All of which should strongly  consider a Do Over! SOON!

PS: If this is you in one of the pictures below, holla at me mamma! lol

Happy Thursday!

Really? REALLY? Groom in the clouds holding his bride in hand? 
Face in a rose...nuff said.

Wow really? REALLY?
What's up with making your spouse the size of a gnome? Is this some crazy trend I somehow missed?


  1. LOL@@@ the Pixs!!!


  2. Haha I know. Can you say Tack-Ayyy?!?!


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