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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Photobooth That Wasn't. Not Even Close.

Once in a while I'll get what I think is a brilliant idea. Like the time I decided to give out CD's as favors at my wedding. A wedding with 300 guests. AND, make them all myself. After working away to the point of almost burning up our home and work computers, I thought I should have stuck with the candy boxes!

My ideas seem great when I think them though! In theory.

Last week I had another brilliant moment. Since Mario and I have never taken Christmas photos I thought, "why don't we create a simple photo booth at home, put up a cool backdrop with our old Christmas decorations, get all dressed up in fancy clothes and snap away!" In our living room! It'll be awesome! We planned this for yesterday. I would set up the booth while Mario was at work and when he got home he would just change clothes and we would get started. Super simple!

Well, I got busy. Somewhere between dropping off a photo CD to a friend and eating cupcakes. Hey, if you've ever been to Casey's Cupcakes you know just how busy a girl can get. Anywho- Mario gets home and nothing's done. Which is totally ok because I have the world's bestest most understanding husband. In the world!

So then we start pulling string through sparkly blue spheres and after we have a few finished strings we tape them up on the wall. Then...they fall. After about 45 minutes of this we realize that this is going to be alot of work. And then I get grumpy. The string and sparkly sphere idea was totally great! In theory.

So then the conversation goes something like this.

Arleth, are you mad?


Why are you mad?

I'm not MAD!

Maybe we should try using the hooks to hang them

No they won't look even

Yes they will

No they won't

Arleth, you were supposed to have had this do...

I got busy!

What did you...

I got BUSY!

Where are the hooks?

I don't know

Here they are!

They better look even!

Ok, do you just wanna go get something to eat and forget about this and then after that we'll see what we can do?


Somewhere between the fried rice and egg-rolls I was happy again. Food often has that effect on me. And then the next thing I know we're at Home Depot buying plastic pipe and plastic pipe connector thingies for a more legit home made photo booth contraption. Thingee. This time though, I have to promise to make Mario coffee.

Mario hooks up a really cool plastic pipe photo booth and all is great with the world. Then we start hanging up the string from the pipes with the sparkly spheres and now they're holding! But. They still don't look as cool as they did in my head. They actually look awful! By then it's super late and we realize this just isn't gonna work. I'm not upset anymore I'm just happy to get to bed.

The pipe contraprion thingee is still in my living room and we are going to try again. But we are NOT using any more sparkly spheres. Next time were just using streamers.

Moral of the story: My ideas are not always brilliant and Mario will not always be able to make them work. Most of the time though, my ideas are brilliant.

proof I was there. 

Some test shots of the awfulness!



  2. Aren't you supposed to be stydying for finals??? lol

  3. Mariel- Ahaha I would have to agree with Nanda, I like the shoe shot! And your test shots look awesome!! Your brilliant idea looks COOL! =))) Hope I get one of those christmas pictures in the mail.


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