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Friday, December 31, 2010

Burnt Cookies To Ring In The New Year!

This morning, Mario came into the room to say good-bye before he left to work as he normally does. Only today, the first words out of his mouth were "I'm sorry Arleethie". I'm sorry Arleethie?!? A strong stench of burnt chocolate dough shortly followed. And then I understood.

Apparently, Mario thinks cookies taste better warm. And apparently, our microwave disagrees. So after opening all the windows and cranking the fan to get rid of all the smoke, this is what was left:


Sorry about the microscopic photo. There's a problem with the color quality of enlarged photos I recently encountered that I'm working on resolving :)

I told Mario he was fired fro the kitchen. But he didn't seem to mind his punishment very much. I'm just glad it was the cookie and not the house! THAT would have just slightly put a dent in our New Year's celebration.

So in the spirit of thankfulness, here's to still having a house to ring in the new year and to a smoke free blessed and fruitfull 2011!

Happy New Year Ya'll!


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