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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black & White Boredom

Last week our backyard got broken into. Kinda sorta. In the middle of the day I heard two guys let themselves into the backyard. There was no knock on the door, no warning. Nothing. 

They were wearing uniforms so I didn't freak right away until I called Mario and he said nobody's is supposed to be there CALL THE COPS! What followed was a frantic Spanglish 911 call where I could have sworn I was having a near death experience. Cross my heart and hope to die.

The intruders left right away. Didn't take a thing. Nothing. So we still can't decide if they were just workers who got the wrong house, thieves disguised in uniform out to take my life or just two gentlemen who enjoy randomly strolling through strangers backyards to check out the scenery. In uniform.

Whatever the case, I bet they didn't know they were being caught on tape! Yea boiii! We got some serious protection up in THIS house! That, or Mario is just trying to keep me an honest woman. I can't decide.

So that night, as expected, I was totally ignored by my husband and in my place sat the computer and the intruder tape. Played over and over and over. And while Mario was in detective mode, guess what I was? BORED! Out. Of. My. Mind. So I grabbed my camera and took random pictures out of boredom and sang "I'm your Puppet" until I drove Mario crazy. Thought I'd share some here!

Happy hump day! (That's Wednesday for all you little nasties!)


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