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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for Cake..and so Much More!

We leave for Utah at midnight. My mom, my dad, my sister, mario and me. The turkey and biscuits will be ditched this year and in their place will be a cabin, hiking and alot of exploring. Oh, and an Italian themed thanksgiving dinner somewhere in between.

Mario, aka the trip task manager, asked me to take care of the food for the trip. So far I have cake, ice cream and Pillsbury instant microwavable chocolate molten lava cakes on my list. Those are ALL the rave at my house this week! Anyway, clearly, Mario picked the wrong person for the food task.

But before the packing of the long johns and perforated sweat pants begins, I want to take a minute to give thanks for an overflow of blessings I can count as my own.  On this beautiful and chilly 24th of November I am oh so very grateful to God. For so many things.

For my family. And for health. I am grateful for the roof over my head and the blankets that keep me warm at night. I am grateful for my husband who I love and who I know loves me. Grateful that he thinks I can be the food manager. I am grateful for food. And dessert. Grateful for work during these difficult times. I am grateful for peace of mind. I am grateful for sleep. I am grateful for perforated sweat pants. And cabins in Utah.

Along with hundreds of other things I have on my Things I am grateful for list, these are just a few. Family, shelter and food always make my top five though. Followed by dessert. Which leads me to being oh so very grateful for Pillsbury and their instant microwavable chocolate molten lava cakes. Did you know these little mini bites of exquisite goodless live in the dairy and yogurt section of Stater Brothers?!?! Yea, screw pumpkin pie! After 10 of those babies I'm sure my thickened thighs will be reeeealy "grateful" to Pillsbury too. And they'lle write a post about it. But until then, I will be in Utah hiking, eating and giving a much appreciative thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!



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