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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Beginnings and PB & J

Today marks the official start of my full time wedding photography career...or something like that. The cubicle days are behind me and ahead of me destiny! I'm feeling real deep today haha!

To the sounds of my sister on my treadmill I write this post. For me. To remember.

So before the full time photo taking, editing and designing begins, I am going to do what anyone else would do right about now. Kick off the celebration in total ArlethG style. With a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Holla!

Here's to the future!



  1. HAHA! Arleth I am so proud of you ahah! You are really living your passion!! God will bless you that's for sure!!! :D

  2. Mariel: Arleth! Congrats girl!! I agree with Carlos, you are living your passion, thats AMAZING!!! And man please remember the "little people" when I see you being the photographer for the Jonas Brothers,Jaden Smith or Justin Beiber...Lol =)

    P.S-Let me get a bite of that Pb & J

  3. @Carlos thank you sooo much! God is so good. Maybe one day I'll get to photograph your wedding! :)

    @ Mariel, Thanks girl! I'll try to remember you when I'm photographing Mr. & Mrs Bieber haha! Love you girl!

  4. hahah I was on a roll to loose some calories! lol

  5. yea fernicey I bet the marble cake you after the treadmill really helped too! haha


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