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Monday, November 29, 2010

Where I Got It From

I think it's where I get my love for people watching. And my love for making fun of heavy Mexican accents.

On the surface my mom and dad seem much like any other parents. Caring, welcoming and kind. And though indeed they are all of those things, their daughters know there is more to those two when you peel the surface layers back.

My mother is smart and articulate. She isn't easily moved once she's formed an opinion about something. Or someone. Just ask my first boyfriend. She prefers Starbucks and thinks full breed dogs are cuter than mixed ones. She would think her Dachshund puppy is human if she wasn't reminded daily by my dad of the opposite. She has a home made remedy for every possible ailment ever felt by mankind and a quick diagnosis for whatever symptom you present to her at any given time. And HER diagnosis is always right. Even when it's not. She has hands that soothe away every inch of pain in your body and advice that surpasses the wisest of counselors. Her food is worthy of royalty even when her dining set doesn't match, which will never happen when she has company over. Even in her mis-matched sweats and t-shirt, which she would NEVER wear in public, she is prettyest woman I know.

My dad is rough around the edges. He has a quick wit and a knack for finding the comical side even at a funeral. When it came to guys and my teenage affinity for them, my dad was the nicer of the parental duo. Just ask my first boyfriend. My dad prefers McDonald's 69 cent senior coffee. Even though he's not a senior. He will wave it inside Starbucks, while my mom waits in line, and he'll scream "only 69 cents" under his breath. He pretends to hate dogs but cries when they die. He and my mom would listen to a natural medicinal remedies radio program with a man who calls himself Dr. Pacheco. And then my dad dubbed my mom with that nickname. I have never seen my dad pick up a kitchen utensil in his life. Unless it was to make ceviche. He still somehow manages to eat like royalty though. Even when he's upset, he is still the funniest, kindest and gentlest man I know.

Together, my mom and dad will endeavor to learn to speak English. But will only get so far before their classmates heavy accents and lack of teeth become their focal point of interest. They will make fun of eachother's own heavy accents and incorrectly try to correct eachother all while laughing at the guy next to them who said yoice instead of juice. Over dinner they will tell us all about their classroom experience and then say they plan to go back to school. Someday. 

My parents will pretend to leave you stranded at a store when you're the only one who got off of the car and they will park behind a bush to look at you when you can't find them. Laughing! They will make fun of you for years at every family party when you do something dumb like run into a liquor store window with your car. Yea, I feel sorry for my cousin Sergio. And then my dad will take out his guitar and improvise a song about it and roast you.

I think they're where I get my love for people watching. No, I know it is!

Here's a picture I snapped of them yesterday. It's only like one of two frames I was able to take because, really, they can't sit still and listen to their daughter's direction for more than 15 seconds.


  1. awww.....I feel like crying!!! You described both of them perfect!!!! I love them and need them both. :)

  2. awww ur parents are so sweet!- carmen

  3. @Fer Aww! I need them too! @ Carmen tnx girl! :)

  4. Awww your parents ARE so Sweet! Love them! =D ~Gen <3

  5. B.t.w. Beautiful Picture!!! Love it!xD ~Gen <3

  6. They're too cute! Love the post & the pic...they look so in love :)


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