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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goals for Changing Winds

I suppose it's what I want. No, I'm absolutley certain. More certain than almost anything else I've ever thought I wanted. But I'm afraid.  

The winds in my life are about to change. Quickly. Drastically. And for once in my life I have no safetly net. Becoming a wedding photographer, a full time wedding photograher, a successful full time wedding photographer is something I've wanted for some time now. But it has had to take second place next to my day job. My cubicle job. My nine to five job. My safaty net.

Next week that will all change. 75% of me is excited. 25% of me is anxious. 100% of me is afraid. To fail. To become simply a wedding photographer and fail miserably at the success part.

I have news for failure though. He's going to have to work very hard to get through me first. Because, well, I'm not about to let him just get through THAT easy. Shoot, I'm NOT a Mexi-can't I'm a Mexi-CAN and yes I stole that from Zorro don't hate.

So...what does a girl like me do in times like these? Changing winds and all? She writes a to do list that's what! Goals and everything.

And today, that's just what I did. :)


  1. you will be great!!! you already are!!!! remember that if you don't take that risk you will never ever find out if you "could of" made it.... there are and will be plenty of jobs available all the time even if the world say's there are none...:) now get your self very well known. get on people's wedding business like is the last thing you'll do hehehehehehehe :)

    Love you and i wish you the very best!!!!!!
    -Susette Plascencia

  2. Susette thank you so much for your words of support! They mean alot! :)

  3. Yes viva MexiCAN's! you got two incomes coming in, you'll be fine, budgeting sucks but it will only be for a little while! Your gonna do great, just go all in! -natalia

  4. Haha Viva Mexi-CANS! Thank you Natalia. I'm going all in girl! :)


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