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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Time, at Youth Camp...

One time, at youth camp I stayed up till 3:30 in the morning telling scary stories about walking rag dolls and flying shoes. It was last weekend. And it was awesome!

This past weekend Mario and I had the privelidge to share in some awesome memories with the TBC youth group and we couldn't have asked or even hand pick a cooler group of young people to share them with! Ferr'real! They're so cool, my ego even yielded and I drove a group of us there in a MINI VAN! Yes, a real mini van like a total soccer mom.

I've known most of these kids since before they were even born! Like seriously. I can distinctly remember their mother's being pregnant and everything. Don't say it!I know I'm totally old! But before you pass any judgements, know that I was still only just a little girl. With a really good memory.

It is truly a privelidge beyond description for me to be backing Mario as he leads these young people. The grown up version of the babies I would once help my mom babysit in the nursery on sunday mornings. Tear!

Dear grown up babies who now have moustaches, drive and wear makeup, we love you. Our deepest desire is to be a Godly example in your lives and teach you all that we know so that you may draw nearer to the Lord. And if we can squeeze in a hundred more rounds of "Mafia" and a million more "One time at youth camp" stories, all the sweeter! And PS, I will drive a mini van to haul all of ya'll again any day! But it will be rented and will not actually belong to me. Ever.

My camera? Of course it made it to camp, And you know THIS!


Hey Angel, so I totally think this should be your new Facebook profile pic... I'm just sayin'.

from Jersey to Herke Creek...The Situation.

I met this little lady on Saturday and immediatley I wanted to stick her in my camping bag and take her home with me! Sharon you ROCK my "Mafia" world and I can't wait to play another round with you again soon!

Adding the Colombian Flayvaa to the mix, Erick. Loved this kids accent. Kept making him talk to us in Spanish haha!

A game of Ninja with Angel on the left trying to get his Chip n Dale on haha! Boy, this is Christian camp!
Thank you Leslie for the next picture. You should be my second shooter one day!
Leslie and Jovany. Ahh sibling love!


    love leslie<3

  2. Fer: AHAHAHAAHAH ALEX!!!!!!

  3. Mariel: I love the BIG group you guys have! Thats awesome! =) U guys are one BIG family! Love the pics, looks like u guys had a lot of fun!!!

  4. That weekend was awesome! :) The Pics are amazing Arleth! <3 ~Gen xD

  5. how awesome is that? it's so cool to see what you guys are into. I will be praying for you both, and your work, and your ministry! If you ever need two crazy people to join, you know Stephen isn't shy! hahaha.. and me.. well, i'm a little less crazy, but i can do my share too. Stephen has an incredible testimony, if you ever need a new face to come share!
    I LOVED the pictures, of course. And i also love Colombian accents and MAFIA!

  6. Stacy! Hi! Thanks for your comment. Please keep us in prayer...especially Mario. I just have the easy job of helping where I can. Thank you so much for your offer, crazy people are ALWAYS welcome haha! We should totally get together after your wedding and honeymooning has passed. We would love to hear Stephen's testimony! And PS: Anyone who loves Columbian accents and Mafia is totally down with me haha!

  7. Hahaha I am one of those Grown up Babies that drives and wears makeup! lol. xD~Gen


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