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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fernand "o" Turns 20!

In my family, we look for excuses to party. Like if a party was hidden in the non-existing second floor of my house, we WOULD find it. At yesterday's Hawaiian themed celebration, as my mom chopped carne asada meat and chiles for the salsa, because everyone knows that every Hawaiian party MUST have carne asada and salsa, I told my mom I felt like having fish tacos. Even better, I felt like having a fish taco PARTY! Immediatley, we started brainstorming on what we could attribute the celebration to. To us, theres nothing like an awesome get together heavy on the family, friends and food. Especially food!

Yesterday the excuse to celebrate came in the form of beautiful young lady shedding off her teen years to step into her big two-oh's. Her name is Fernanda and she is my sister.(On a sidenote, her name is Fernand "A" not Fernand "O". But people, especially those working at Starbucks don't seem to get it. Fernand "o" is usually her Starbucks cup name and it bugs the HECK out of her haha!)  Anywho- yesterday between pineapple slices and umbrella topped cupcakes we toasted to her. To her life. There were no actual champagne filled glasses raised but the sentiment in my tiki torch filled backyard was the same. We were proud. I was proud. I am proud. 

You see, since we were little girls I knew she would be great. I knew she would be much greater. Much kinder. Much smarter. And selfless than I could ever be. And I was right. Yesterday as my father prayed a blessing over the food he took a moment to express how thankful he was that God would lend him such a daughter. Quietly I whispered how thankful I was that God would lend me such a sister. Her life these past 20 years has been a blessing to many and continues to touch those around her in so many ways.

I don't say it enough but I love you sister! I hope you had a great 20th birthday and I hope God will keep you for many more to come!

This December my sister will be graduating from Cal Baptist University and as to be expected the party planning is well under way in our heads. I'm thinking Red. Like maybe an asian theme. Because everyone knows that asian themed parties go perfectly with carne asada!  

And you KNOW I had to have ma camera out!

 Some of the girls came rockin the flower in hair. I LOVED!

Carne asada? Yes please!

And the burffday girl
 I am quite certain there was some type of salsa music playing in the background

  I made it into one picture!

No. There was no alcohol served at this party.


  1. Fer: I shed some you sis!

  2. Gen: Superrr Cute! Great Pics as always! Beautiful! It was sooo much fun! :)God Bless!

  3. Mariel: Aww looks like the party was sooo much fun!!! =))
    Your dad loooks like a total gangster in that pic throwin up the peace signs..Lol

  4. @Mariel, it was girl. Wish you could have been there! :)

  5. dude, you guys know how to party! Rock on!
    i'm a bit jealous... i want some of those cup cakes, and maybe carne asada too. Loved the photos! and LOVED the lanterns on you camp photos too! he he he


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