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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Best Year Yet

Yesterday, as I picked up colorful cups half filled with juice from every room in the house and scattered pairs of shoes from all over the office floor I was happy. Those items left behind in the wrong places were a pleasant reminder that I share a home, a room and a life with someone I love. Somebody wonderful. Because really, I would NEVER pick up your junk unless you were wonderful!

Three years ago, on a day much like today, the beautiful September weather ushered me down the terracotta aisle into the arm of the most amazing person I could have ever hoped for. A person who genuinley loves me, cherishes and values me even when I'm ugly inside and out. A person who I hope to make as happy as he makes me.

Year one showed me that a little downstairs apartment on Alessandro could be a happy home where the husband is a guinea pig to his new bride's cooking experiments. Year two showed me God's perfect timing and provision for a young couple searching for their dream home. Year three showed me a husband's incredible support and faith in his wife's dreams in aspiring to become a full time wedding photographer. 

I truly can't wait to see what years four, five, six, seven and beyond will show me. But whatever it is, I hope they're full of more colorful cups half filled with juice and scattered pairs of shoes, because really, you're THAT wonderful. 

Happy three year anniversary my love. I love you more than you kow.

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  1. Mariel: Awwwww im crying, this is sooo SWEET =)
    God bless U guys more more and more!! I am happy to call you my friends
    Love U both! =)


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