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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Wanna Be Pro"

I registered with an online community of photographers recently, you know, in my whole pursuit of becoming "legit" and all. To sign up I had to answer a series of questions and one of them was, "What would you describe yourself as?" The choices were Newbee, Pro and Wanna be Pro.  

Well I'm not a Newbee, I thought. But I'm DEFINITLEY not Pro either. So I guess I'm a... Wanna Be Pro? Really, a WANNA BE PRO? Umm yea, harsh ego-breaker. I mean why couldn't I be a Serious Amateur or at least a Seriously Committed Newbee?

I started thinking about that for a bit. About the endless hours I've spent thinking of logos, fonts and colors for branding my business- in between driving, grocery shopping and every other domestic activity in between. About the weeks I've spent trying to narrow down the three words that best describe my images and brand around them. And about how they're STILL not narrowed down. About how all of a sudden my brain functions in terms of light and spends it's entire outdoor life seeking out and identifying natural reflectors and naturally diffused light. About how I make Mario stand in front of every spot I hypothesize has good light for a photo test just to see If I'm right. About how I'm so proud of myself for getting better at it. About how I incessantly seek out classes and workshops that will help me improve and build upon what I already know. About the huge pile of fashion magazines sitting on my kitchen counter that I study every night for posing inspiration. About how I carefully dissect and study the blogs of my favorite photographers for insight on their business philosophies and the things that have worked for them. About how I'm constantly comparing myself to them and about how I never measure up. About how I need to stop doing that. About how deeply and passionaltey I'm pouring myself into my photography and how more than anything I want to find MY creative voice. About how badly I want to be able to hold my own next to the best. And about how if this could happen in the next week or so that would be perfect.  And suddenly in the midst of all my random thoughts, the Wanna Be Pro answer fit. Perfectly. It's who I am. Right now. But not where I plan on staying for long.

And just when I thought I couldn't be any more of a Wanna Be, I turn around and buy a Shootsac. What?!?! All the cool kids have one! Maybe now they'lle talk to me and invite me to sit with them at lunch.

Aside from all jokes though, the Shootsac is seriously awesome. It makes my life super easy when I need to switch lenses in the middle of shooting. My bulky camera bag stays in the car and my Shootsac takes it's place. It's genious! If you're a wanna be pro like myself, definatley check it out. It's worth every penny in gold.

And here's a shot from the first wedding I rocked my Shootsac to. I felt all cool with my three lenses haha! 

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