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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Suzanne & Anthony: TEXAS ENGAGEMENT

Oohh the wonders of social networking! When we started this little photography business we were completely blind to it's magical powers. Powers that not only allow you to connect with awesome new people but also to reconnect with the awesome old ones. The ones you swore you would neva-EVA see again.

And if there's one person who I swore this of was Suzanne Gutierrez. We met back in middle school, in the good ole Vista Dirrrty days. We became good friends. You know the kind that take pictures at Photomakers with a Smile Now Cry Later background and hand them out to everyone at school because it's what all the cool kids do? Ok maybe not a Smile Now Cry Later background (we weren't THAT hood) but I'm sure I have more that one round of Photomaker photos with Suzanne lying around my house somewhere. Us in all of our 1997 glory!

I knew she met and started dating Anthony in High School but completely lost touch through the years. Enter Facebook. A little red message bubble in my alert box and several back and forth conversations later, I am delighted to share that Suzanne and Anthony are still together and in love. They will be tying the knot next month and I am stoked that I will be there to take their picture.

Suzanne and Anthony live in Austin Texas these days so we scheduled some time for engagement pictures while Mario and I were out there last week for a wedding. I looove Facebook!


  1. Fer: So elegant and beautiful!!!

  2. @Fer thank you!

    @Suzanne, Yay I'm glad you liked them! :)


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