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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Esther & Oscar: WEDDING

A strong handshake and a huge smile ushered me in. The father of the bride was beaming with joy, and as I walked in to Esther's house I felt welcomed. Getting past the baskets of fruits and dainishes laid out for friends and guests accompanying the bride that morning was a difficult task and I swear I was TOTALLY pressured into stuffing my face. Ok I lie, but how could anyone possibly say no to Esther's sweetheart of a mom? Trust me if you've met her you know what I mean.

From the preparations to the ceremony to the reception the day flew by and the night was sealed with love and a full fledged par-taay on the dancefloor. For those who didn't know, Esther and Oscar's wedding is where it was at last Saturday night!

Esther and Oscar, Mario and I love purple details so we're stoked you chose us to shoot your wedding! So stoked that as a thank you gift we would like to buy you guys a full expense paid vacation to Hawaii starting September 13th....Oh wait... you'lle already be there then. Sigh.  Oh well. 

Congratulations to you both and an eternity of happily ever after!

I'm absolutely crazy for pops of color in a wedding but when they come in the form of shoes and adorable accessories I just about lose it!

I MUST give a shout out to these lovely ladies! Alexis, Melissa, Rachel, Jen and Salina thanks for rockin out the purple for may camera!


  1. Love the pictures taken that day of the weeding, You guys rock (Arleth and Mario) and for the Groom and Bridge don't get jellous u guys rocked the night. wish u guys the best on your new chapter of Life..

    Juan Carlos Arellano
    (1 of oscar's best man)

  2. Hi Juan Carlos! Thank you so much for your comment! I have to say you're probably the first groomsmen to comment on this blog. Like ever! Haha! You get a gold star for that! Thank you so much, Mario and I had so much fun with you guys!



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