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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreams, Thank You's and Texas Twang

Upon landing in Texas last week to shoot a wedding, Mario began attempting to speak with a twang. Let me emphasize the word attempting. I giggled at his sillyness. Until he wouldn't stop. Then I got a little worried. As I looked outside the window of our little rented Yaris, the big trees in all shades of green zooming by, I was overwhelmed by a deep sense of happyness. And I knew that in that moment that is exactly where I wanted to be.

These past couple of days have been a crazy whirlwind. And I couldn't possibly feel any more blessed. Blessed to have a husband who loves me and pushes me toward my dreams. Blessed to have a family who is rooting for me. Blessed to have friends who encourage me and blog-stalk me (yes all three of you!). So today I want to say thank you. And in my best attempt at a Texas twang, Thank ya'll. From the bottom of my lil' itty-bitty heart, thank ya'll fer ya'lls support cause without it I'd be scarderr'en haill doin' this alone.

And because posts better with pictures here's one from last Friday. Me and ma' cowboy on the job. Don't hate!

One more. This one is from last Saturday's engagement at the Alamo. Full post to follow soon. This is Mario's angle and it makes me just wanna reward him with a hearty make-out session. What with all the crazyness of the past few days I've been a little neglectful and that, well that is just UN-ACCEPTABLE! :)

Happy Friday!


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