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Thursday, August 12, 2010


The sun shone bright. VERY bright. A little TOO bright! And high above Texas. As I walked into the salon last Friday I spotted Ana. She sat in a chair in the far back of the KAG salon, cool, calm, collected. And why wouldn't she be? Today she would marry Raul, the man she has loved for eight years. The man who has loved her for eight years. And she was ready. 

Their answer was unanimous when we asked how they were feeling on their big day. "We just want to be married!" The party was nice but uniting their lives to live them together meant so much more. The festivities bragged of love, joy and bliss dressed in shades of purple throughout Arbor Pointe. It was a celebration perfectly fitting the bride and groom.

Before the reception we snuck away for some photos and boy, would it be a total undestatement to simply say it was HOT! After five minutes outside a properly air conditioned room you just about sweated 17 gallons of necessary water weight. Nonetheless, with bouquet in had and camera in toe we set out to battle the brutal Texas heat. It won. But we still got our shots in!

Raul and Ana, Mario and I have no words to express how honored we are that you would have us join you in Texas to witness and document your love on your wedding day. All we can say is thank you. We hope you are having an amazing time settling into your new place as husband and wife and wish you love joy and bliss from here, to forever! 

I couldn't end this post without giving a shout out to the amazing team at Arbor Pointe who ensured the day flowed flawlessly and without a hitch! I feel lucky to have shot my very first Texas wedding at your venue and i very much hope I am able to shoot there again someday!



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  1. Mariel: YAY! The anxiousness is OVER! AWWW these pics came out GREAT! I knew you guys would do a great job! U guys rocked them cameras!These pics are GREAT! And its only the sneak peek, right?!..Lol

  2. WOW and Mario did an amazing job..just like we knew you would. You captured the moments and that's what I LOVE!! Thank you both soooo much for coming out was fun having you guys as our photographers :)
    Can't wait to see the rest of them!!

  3. Dang Arleth! You and Mario did such a good job!!!!!! I want Jesse and I to get married again so you can come take pictures for us :) Seriously though, these are really really good.

  4. @Raul & Ana, I'm so glad you liked them! You guys made our job super easy because really, it was hard getting a bad shot of you guys. Trust me I tried lol. we had a blast being your photographers too. Almost had heat strokes but it was awesome haha!

    @Brittany, Aww Brittay! That was such a sweet comment. Thank you! If you and Jesse (or Zack Efron) ever get married (again) I'm totally there...and Mario too! lol


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