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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Esther & Oscar: ENGAGEMENT

"Oh I totally thought he was cute!" Esther didn't hesitate one bit when I asked what she thought of Oscar when they first met. And he smiled. I didn't have to ask him what he thought of her. The way he looked at her was sufficient.

They say it's never a good idea to date a coworker. And in most cases this statement is true. But when Esther and Oscar met they the proved to be the exception to the rule. It wasn't that easy for Oscar though. To get a first date that is. Aside from the fact that they worked together, Oscar had a bit of a bad rep for being quite the ladies man so Esther was hesitant at first. After several attempts from Oscar she finally gave in but little did she know then that this insistent co-worker would be her future husband.

A law degree, different jobs and several years later, Esther and Oscar are still in love and going stonger than ever. They are planning an amazing wedding in Redlands next month that I can't wait to be a part of!

Esther and Oscar:
Mario and I are stoked that you would invite us to be a small part of this very special time in yout lives. We had an awesome time spending the afternoon with you last Saturday for your engagement photos and P.S. Esther I can't wait for you to rock out your purple shoes in front of my camera next month!  


You know those people who say the randomest things without trying to be funny but still make you pee your pants and roll on the floor laughing? Well that's Oscar.

Esther, the bottom left photo is proof he wasn't lying. He WAS checking out your booty!

Oscar is very much into his boots and hats and he's also quite the photo enthusiast, I discovered. He brought not one, not two, but three wardrobe changes and had some very specific shots he wanted in his boot and hat outfit. I loved it! I jokingly told him "You look like you belong on the cover of a Spanish music CD!" to which he answered without missing a beat, "Where do you think I'm getting all of my ideas?"  

A quick wardrobe change, (the third for Oscar), for some more relaxed photos. 

Mario and I were in total focus mode here taking some shots of Esther with bokeh, or blur, in the background. We were quiet for a few seconds when Oscar confused at what we were doing broke the silence and yelled from the back "Hey am I still in the picture?!?"

Ha ha! You just had to be there I guess.

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