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Friday, July 23, 2010

Beaver Family: ANYTIME

When I see girls who I met as babies, now with babies of their own, it makes me feel old. And a little depressed. For about two minutes. But once I'm over my two minute trauma I smile and am thankful to be alive to see beautiful things happening in the lives of those growing up with me.

Sarah must have been no more than 2 years old when I met her. She and her family attended the same church as me so I got to see her grow up as a kid, teenager and was present on the day she became Mrs. David Beaver. A short time later David and Sarah were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and this week I was more than honored to be able to capture a few photos of this new chapter in their lives. David is a soldier of the U.S. Army so the family currently resides in Kansas. He recently returned safely from serving a tour and they are celebrating with a vacation visiting their families in California.

Sarah and David thank you for letting me and Mario in on a little piece of your vacation! We hope you like your photos and if we we're to see just one of them hangin on your wall one day we'd be thrilled.


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