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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sanchez Family: ANYTIME

From the moment they showed me their baby chick, I was in love. Lizbeth was carrying a diaper box when I not so discreetly blurted "Oh you brought diapers".  I know- not the best conversation starter. Luckily she didn't think I was weird and she laughed and said "No it's their baby chick". A REAL baby chick? Yes, a REAL baby chick!

Before the shoot I asked Lizbeth to bring along some props we could have fun with. Things that reflect what her kids are like at this age. So she did. And I couldn't have been more stoked!

Lizbeth, thank you for allowing Mario and I spend an afternoon with you and your children. We had a blast running around chasing them! Best of luck on your upcoming move and in your new lives down south! 


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