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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

My dad wears his t-shirts tucked in. He slurps loudly when he eats soup, wears glasses bought off a store rack because he refuses getting a real prescription and can be easily bribed with a bag of salted peanuts. He is my hero.

While some dads had office jobs and others were firemen or cops, my dad was a self made entrepreneur. The I will sell almost any legal item from the trunk of my car to feed my family type. As a kid, I remember going with my dad to the homes of his suppliers to help load the trunk of our Oldmobile with everything from generic brand tennis-shoes to 501 Levi's in every color known to man. As a struggling Mexican immigrant family it wasn't always easy making ends meet, but my dad worked harder than any one I know for his wife and two daughters. And we were happy.

Dancing and happy laughter filled the kitchen of our small apartment years ago on the day my dad received his official California drivers license in the mail. For us, the little things that others took for granted were nothing short of miracles. On that day, I learned what it meant to be thankful by looking up at my dad's face.

On this Father's Day I hope I can adequately express how much you mean to me.

For your endurance, wisdom, humility, humor, soup slurping, protection, love and life, I am thankful. I love you.

Happy Fathers Day!



  1. That was very touching!!! I love Brother Peter haah!

  2. Me too. I love JPP- aka Jose Pedro Perez. lol

  3. que bonito arleth que hermoso su amor de familia
    El es un orgullo latino verdad felicidades al hno Pedro por tener 2 hijas tan lindas por dentro y por fuera y a ti por tener un padre bien padre felicidades

  4. awhhh! beautiful story!....

    I almost cried...tear!

    -Becky C.


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