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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cumbias to Cook?

When I cook, it's something like the scene from Fools Rush In where Salma Hayek is dancing around her kitchen as she cooks to the beat of loud cumbias. Except I don't look as hot.

Music has forever been a must in my house when I cook and clean. That is, UNTIL a few weeks ago when in the middle of my gourmet eggs and chorizo I blew out the speakers to my bootleg Ipod adaptor. And now. It sucks. I seriously feel like my domestic skills are failing me. My chicken is bland and I've poured bleach in the color batch like 6 times. Ok I exaggerate. But still. Singing to myself in a fake Puerto Rican accent only does so much for my spirits.

In short. If you love Mario and want him to be properly fed and clothed, you know what to buy me. And because I have no better segue, here's a sneak peek from a recent photo shoot I shot of my sister for her new blog. It's in the works and coming soon! Holla!

Now excuse me while I go season chicken breasts in utter silence.


  1. mariel:Daaaannnnnnnggggg!!! Who's that sexy chick?! WOW! I love the make up and hair.She looks georgous!!!! And i like the heel on top of all the books! =D Good Job Arleth

  2. Aww tnx girl! You should let me do a shoot of you before you leave!


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