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Friday, May 14, 2010

Somewhere Between...

Somewhere between school books and sleepovers we grew up. Somewhere between weekends of staying up late listening to music and talking about boys, those boys became our husbands.

It's funny how time flies. The girls who would walk to school together and who once put on a fair for all the kids in the apartment complex, complete with an old couch that served as the feature ride and food found in our pantrys which we sold for a quarter, are now raising their own little breed of munchkins and somewhere between it all... life is beautiful.

It was my pleasure to spend the afternoon documenting the tiny little lives of two of my cousin's children. These two baby boys are a double dose of ubber cuteness with a large side of I wanna bite those cheeks, and somewhere between these shots, I did just that!

Check out the hair on this one's arms!


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