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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Needed a Fix

It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. My mind wandered off into the land of sweet and I knew... I needed a fix.

I've never been one given to many cravings you see, but around this time of the month when mother nature's dreaded visitation comes around, my hormones tell my brain to tell my stomach it NEEDS things. Things of the sweet and preferably chocolaty nature. Today was no exception.

I sat in front of my computer fiending and decided that this month I would resist. This month I would not let the whispers of the sweet tooth spirit win. This month I would have the victory! 

I walked back and forth in front of the candy aisle at the pharmacy. The Snickers and Hershey bars calling my name. Out loud. Alas, I resisted. I walked out of there with my passport photos and nothing else...yes... sweet victory!

At home, my stomach growled and surely I knew I needed a snack. A healthy snack I thought. So I did what any sensible person who is trying to fight their sweet tooth urges would do. I looked for a carrot. In my pantry. Next to the cookies and jalapeño potatoe chips and....belgian chocolate mini bar assortment bag? "AAhhhh" It was as if the heavens opened up and the angels unanimously sang  that celestial sound.

Flirting with temptation I looked at the calories on the back of the bag. Only twenty-five little calories per piece? Surely one little piece couldn't be that bad. Plus it would help calm my itch for something sweet.

Twelve pieces later my taste buds basked in the glorious gourmet feast of miniature milk chocolate slivers and jalapeño potatoe chips. A quite tasty combination if you ask me.

Hey what can I say? There's always next month!


  1. Mariel said... Arleth i dont know if u noticed, but when i was at your house and u guys offered me these chocolate, i took about 10 of them..Lol..They are delicious.My favorite were the green wrapper ones. =)

  2. Ha ha! Yup! Those are the ones I got addicted to!


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