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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brittany James: Anytime

It was 1996. I sat in front of the television tuned to Telemundo in complete fascination as the host interviewed up and coming actress Jennifer Lopez and other actors behind the scenes of the set of the upcoming film Selena.

I was captivated. The way a crew of people came together to create something amazing moved me and inspired my creativity in so many ways. (It secretly made me wish to be a part of something cool like that one day too).

Though it's nowhere near Hollywood status and the cool black actor/director's chair was notably missing, I recently got a small taste of a little behind the scenes action on an anytime shoot for the B-E-A-utiful Brittany James.

The ever amazing Ally was on hand for hair and makeup and as always, ROCKED IT!  If you are a bride, model or just want a lil' glitz and glam for a night out, check this girl out!

Some images from the day:



  1. I like LOVE these pictures!!!with the L.O.V.E...

  2. she is georgous in my favorit color...i absolutely love it

  3. Nice job Mario & Arleth :) It was so much fun, weird but fun!


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